MF Welcomes IATL Delegate, Jane Anne Rothwell

In April, MF welcomed Irish barrister, Jane Anne Rothwell. A delegate of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL), Jane Anne came to experience America and the American legal system first hand.

The IATL promotes international understanding through its exchange programs. Under the auspices of its renowned China Program, the Academy has brought many lawyers from the People’s Republic of China to the United States to live and work with IATL Fellows and their families. IATL members host the delegates and make sure they observe the inner workings of our judicial system by bringing them to court and involving them in the daily challenges of an active law firm. In addition, the delegates live with a Fellow’s family which allows them to gain an insider’s perspective of American life and to form lasting friendships.

Jane spent one week at the McManis home and at the MF offices where she accompanied MF attorneys to court and attended client meetings. She also spent one week attending the IATL annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other delegates who have visited MF are Li Xiangdong (2003), now deputy director general at the Legislative Affairs Council, Zhang Lijuan (2004), a constitutional law professor at the Central Party School and, Wang Wei (2008), a law teacher at the Central Party School in Beijing.

MF founder Jim McManis has been a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers since 2002. American membership in the Academy is limited to the top 500 trial lawyers under 70 in the United States.