3 Quick Tips to Help You Maintain Your Firm’s Social Media Presence

September 15, 2016 Amanda Peth

Law firms and social media?  Historically these two probably did not come to mind as an obvious duo.  However, now, if you do not have a consistent social media presence, your firm/company is missing out on connecting and building your brand with potential clients, industry leaders and community members in a new and different way.  Think of social media as a supplement to your website.  A place where you can “show,” instead of “tell” people who you are and what your company/firm is all about.  With jam-packed to-do lists, it is easy to let social media slip further down your list.  Here are a few tips to help you manage a consistent social media presence for your firm:

Plan Ahead

The best kept secret to maintaining a consistent online social media presence is to brainstorm, draft, and finalize 85% of your posts ahead of time.  Drafting impactful and interesting content takes time.  Most of us wear many different hats in our company and do not have time on a daily basis to draft creative posts, design graphics, or research hashtags.  Designate a couple of hours each week to plan the following week’s posts (be sure to include any photos/graphics, tags, links, hashtags, etc. in your notes).  This makes posting on a daily basis much more manageable.  Planning ahead also allows time to do things like spell check, link check, and fact check – which are very important!  Remember, once a post is up, it has the potential to have thousands of views in seconds, so it is important that the post is free of errors.

The remaining 15% of your posts should be spontaneous.  Social media is all about what is new at the moment, not 2 days ago, and has ever-changing updates and trends.  To ensure that you are also posting relevant, on-trend content, take 15 minutes each day to peruse your various social media platforms.  Check out what is trending on twitter and review current news articles.  If something stands out to you and aligns with your target audience and company tone, go ahead and post about it.

Make it Visual

With constant updates, there is always someone or something competing for your target audiences’ attention.  For instance, open up your Facebook newsfeed and you will easily see hundreds of links, photos, colors, and graphics without even having to scroll down.  Realistically, plain text posts cannot compete with visual content.  The average attention span of consumers is only 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish.[1]  So use that to your advantage, and capitalize on the power of visual content.  Use photos, graphics, links, and videos to entice your followers and target audiences. Content with relevant images gets 94% more total views than content without relevant images. [2]  Visual content is also 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks. [3]  Images and videos help spark emotion and connection with social media users. These visual content additions also encourage social media users to interact with your company by clicking on photos, links, graphics, videos, and sharing or liking the post. Remember, social media is an opportunity to be creative and provide easily digestible, relevant information to your followers and target audience.

Show your Personality/Culture

It is important to curate content that aligns with your company’s industry, goals, mission, and values.  However, keep in mind that social media is a fun informal way to interact with your target audience – a supplement to your website.  This is your space to be transparent and give your audience a peek into your firm/company’s personality and culture.  Make your content relevant and appropriate, but do not be afraid to have fun with social media.  Posts can range from pictures of team members accidentally matching their outfits, to sharing a peek into your company picnic, or creating a poll allowing your followers to engage with you.  A great starting point is to take a look at your firm’s calendar and talk to your firm’s attorneys and staff members about upcoming events, speaking engagements, and articles.  Clients want to know what is behind the logo, what you stand for, and with whom they will be working.

Building your firm/company’s social media presence takes time and energy, but do not let that deter you from putting in the effort.  Maintaining a consistent online presence can be manageable if you remember to plan ahead, make your content visually interesting, and have fun with your posts. #justdoit


Amanda Peth is part of the marketing team at McManis Faulkner.  She assists with crafting, tracking, and implementing marketing strategies regarding client development, social media, and general public relations.  


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