The Who, What, Why of a Family Law Paralegal

Nicole Zendejas

Do you know the name of your family law paralegal?

Although you may not immediately think of a paralegal when you hire an attorney, your paralegal should become a trusted companion as you navigate your family law case.

The paralegal is a critical member of your team. Paralegals assist the client with tasks that might initially seem confusing to you. They manage your case file, gather, and collect evidence, prepare financial disclosures, review documents produced by the other party, and prepare exhibits for trial. In performing their role, they become intimately familiar with the facts and details of your case. They must be organized, engaged, and knowledgeable.

“There is value in practicing family law in a collaborative, team environment. Everyone contributes and shares in the mission of achieving the client’s goals.”

 – Brandon Rose, Head of Family Law

Divorces can be emotionally overwhelming and disorienting. A family law paralegal will help you find and interpret documents, answer your questions, and keep your case organized.

Active listening is another crucial skill. Each client and each case is unique. Paralegals must be adaptable to a client’s individual circumstances and be familiar with family law procedures and practices.

Utilizing the Paralegal’s skills and knowledge in conjunction with your attorney is a cost-effective way to navigate your family law case. The paralegal can complete many tasks that are necessary for your case at a lower hourly rate than the attorney. This also frees the attorney to provide maximum value in reaching your objectives. Just like a production team, each member contributes to achieve the best results.

The family law attorney and paralegal work closely together and each serves their own purpose. Both are crucial and augment the other’s role. Embrace your family law paralegal as you work together to resolve your case. Like all the greatest teams, each member brings their own strength to help achieve the ultimate goal.

Family law paralegal - who, what, why

About the author Nicole Zendejas

As Case Manager, Nicole manages the firm’s administrative tasks associated with client service.