Chris Rosario Warns Cannabis Businesses of Litigation Lessons from Other Regulated Industries

In his byline article, “Litigation Lessons from Other Regulated Industries” for Marijuana Venture, Associate Christopher Rosario examines potential litigation issues from the perspective of the alcohol, tobacco, and gaming industries to offer insights into what cannabis businesses can do to avoid unwanted lawsuits.

Chris urges companies to be wary of lawsuits, given the various regulations and oversight in the industry. He says, “To prepare for litigation by private parties and mitigate risk, it behooves business owners to comply strictly with regulatory measures. As much as possible, parties should stay up to date with recent developments regarding licensing, as well as the laws generally applicable to a business, such as labor and employment.”

Additionally, Chris recommends companies avoid unnecessary investigations and encourages them to be mindful that regulatory entities have access to litigation documents. He concludes by suggesting that cannabis companies seek out an attorney when necessary to minimize the impact of any lawsuit.

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