Patrick Hammon Discusses California Supreme Court Decision on Jury Trial Right

In his byline article for Law360 titled “Calif. Justices' Ruling Marks Turning Point For Jury Trial Right,” partner Patrick Hammon reviews the California Supreme Court’s decision in Nationwide Biweekly Administration Inc. v. Superior Court of Alameda County. In its decision, the court held that claims arising under California's Unfair Competition Law, or UCL, and its False Advertising Law, or FAL, are equitable in nature, and therefore properly tried by a court, rather than by a jury.

Patrick explains that “the road map set out in Nationwide is nevertheless likely to lead to similar conclusions in connection with other statutory causes of action, even ones with substantial civil penalties.” He concludes by explaining that the Nationwide decision “represents a watershed moment with respect to the right to a jury trial in the State of California.”

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