Patrick Hammon Examines Jurisdiction Issue on the Supreme Court Docket

In his byline article for The National Law Journal, partner Patrick Hammon looks at Ford Motor Co. v. Montanta Eighth Judicial District Court, a jurisdiction case on the U.S. Supreme Court’s current docket. The Court heard oral arguments on Oct. 7.

The case centers on whether Ford may be subject to jurisdiction in Montana where the accident occurred, but where the vehicle involved in the accident was actually purchased outside the  state. In explaining the significance of this case, Patrick says that “The court’s ultimate decision could dramatically impact where and how individuals may sue corporations for personal injuries.”

Patrick reviews the factual background of the case and assesses some of the questions and comments of the justices during oral argument to predict how they may rule. He explains: “Ultimately, the oral argument focused on two principal concerns: 1) providing greater certainty to litigants in the context of personal jurisdiction disputes and 2) ensuring fairness to plaintiffs and defendants alike.”

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