Tianqi Sun Advises on Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in Bloomberg Law Article

In his article for Bloomberg Law, Associate Tianqi Sun talks about issues related to conflicts of interest and how lawyers can best go about disclosing potential conflicts.

According to Tianqi, disclosing conflicts of interest is critical to the integrity of the profession. He says, “neglecting or ignoring this critical part of your practice can have negative consequences for law practice and the legal profession.”

Tianqi lists a few questions lawyers can ask to determine whether and to what degree a conflict should be disclosed, as well as how to go about disclosing: “Disclosures should be made as soon as the attorney becomes aware of the potential conflict. The language used in a disclosure should be clear and understandable, and the client should be given the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.”

Tianqi concludes by encouraging lawyers to do everything possible to avoid conflicts of interest, since it is a key part of lawyering. He says, “Avoiding conflicts of interest benefits your client and increases public trust in the law. That trust is the bedrock of our profession, and of civil society as a whole.”

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