Cathy Reeves

Cathy Reeves


Cathy is the Employee Relations Coordinator and an invaluable member of the administrative team.  She oversees staff recruiting, hiring, as well as training and orientation.

She also administers the firm’s insurance and benefit programs.  With nearly 30 years of experience in human resources, Cathy has a deep understanding of the legal business and operational procedures. 

Always beaming with positivity and willingness to help, attorneys and staff turn to Cathy for advice, counsel, and support. Because she considers staff morale to be a top priority, she ensures that each person’s needs are met, and is always open to suggestions and new ideas.  In addition, she makes certain the firm celebrates its employees’ hard work in small and large ways; from organizing a full week of staff appreciation events in April, to small, sweet touches on Valentines’ day, or warm cookie deliveries on Wednesdays.

Acting as liaison between management and staff, Cathy helps drive development and business growth for the firm.   She inspires and encourages her fellow administrative professionals to achieve their highest potential.  Cathy truly embodies the firm’s core values of excellence, integrity, and kindness.

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