Highly Regulated Industries

Federal, state, and local regulations are constantly evolving – and occasionally at odds. From cannabis dispensaries to card rooms, highly regulated companies experience myriad challenges in complying with these ever-changing guidelines, and maintaining their competitive advantage as the rules for doing business shift.

It’s no secret that California has some of the most rigorous licensing, permitting, and other regulatory requirements, and local jurisdictions often add to the cost.  While building a culture of compliance goes a long way towards avoiding disputes and business disruption, there are times when the government’s conduct threatens long-term stability or profitability. Whether the client’s needs call for working with regulators or pursuing “bet the company” litigation, McManis Faulkner attorneys have the trial experience that makes a difference. Our diverse and highly specialized team of trial lawyers has a long history of challenging arbitrary government actions in state and federal courts, and in administrative proceedings, and helping clients navigate the compliance landscape.

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