Intellectual Property

The Silicon Valley technology scene is ever changing, and the fluid movement among companies in the space often leads to complex intellectual property (IP) issues.

Our civil lawyers have an unparalleled track record for successfully prosecuting and defending high-stakes trade secret cases, conducting IP-related investigations, and handling sensitive, confidential matters for employers and for employees moving from one company to another. In addition, we have also handled countless trademark and copyright infringement cases, developing a solid reputation throughout the Bay Area.

Our intellectual property expertise extends well beyond the technology sector. In addition to computer hardware, software and equipment, and internet-related companies, our trial lawyers have helped clients in the financial services, manufacturing, payments, healthcare, and medical research industries.

Augmenting our civil practice, our employment law team offers advice and counsel to employers and employees, especially around trade secrets and other IP considerations that arise when executives switch companies. Some IP-related complaints have underlying criminal issues, and we have the requisite skills to handle any government investigation or prosecution where necessary. Above all, our attorneys are trial lawyers, familiar with the serious business of preparing for and bringing cases to trial. 

Not to be overlooked is McManis Faulkner’s long history working on these kinds of cases. Leading companies across the region, such as Intel, Apple, Seagate, SK Hynix, Symantec, and many more, have hired us to represent them in Bay Area and Northern District of California IP disputes. Our many years of continued success in these and other courts, and our talented team of trial lawyers are highly respected by clients and professionals throughout the region.

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