Partner Hilary Weddell Dissects California Cannabis Legislation

As the California legislature considers yet another cannabis bill, the state is on the verge of adding additional employment protections for cannabis users. Partner Hilary Weddell, in an article for the Daily Journal, examines two California bills – last year’s AB 2188 and this year’s SB 700 – that expand state protections for an employee’s cannabis use.

Hilary says, “AB 2188 closed the loophole on an employer’s ability to ask about a person’s off-the-job cannabis use.” But despite those protections, employers may still ask about previous cannabis use. Enter SB 700, which would ensure that employers cannot ask that question. The bill is currently making its way through the California Assembly.

Hilary concludes with a few key takeaways for employers as they watch this bill in the coming months. She says, “With constantly evolving cannabis laws, employers should remain vigilant to keep up with these changes.”

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