Cannabis & Co: Addressing Cannabis in the Workplace

Shifting cultural norms and recent legal developments around the use of cannabis have created unique workplace challenges.  With even more changes on the horizon, employers must fully understand their current obligations and be prepared to adjust as regulations continue to evolve. Experienced employment lawyers at one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent law firms provided an informative and practical discussion on what employers need to know. The McManis Faulkner Employment Law Team covered the following issues:

  • The current state of cannabis law in the workplace – What changed and what changes should we anticipate?
  • Potential accommodation and leave of absence issues – What should employers know?
  • Drug testing policies – How should employers adjust in view of California legalization?
  • Drug-free workplace policies – What can employers do to keep a drug-free workplace?


Presented By:

Michael Warren
Matthew Schechter
Hilary Weddell
AJ Bastida