Department of Justice Faces Misconduct Inquiry in No-Fly Case

In the latest decision in McManis Faulkner’s ongoing defense of Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to let the government off the hook for the millions of dollars in legal costs owed to the firm and Dr. Ibrahim, a Malaysian national and Stanford doctorate who was wrongly placed on a “no fly” list in 2004.

The court denied the Justice Department’s challenge to the Ninth Circuit’s January ruling that ordered the district court to review whether the government lawyers acted in bad faith. The justices’ denial also upholds the Ninth Circuit’s order for the district court judge to recalculate attorney fees for more than 10 years of prolonged legal efforts.

The district court judge had only awarded the firm and Dr. Ibrahim a fraction of their fees. In its January ruling, the Ninth Circuit said that the firm is entitled to the majority of its request for compensation.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision was covered in articles in The Recorder, Law360 and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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