Hilary Weddell Shares Insight on Workplace Drug Testing Policies – ACHR News

Partner Hilary Weddell offered comments to ACHR News regarding HVAC workplace marijuana testing policies following Prop 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use. The article dives into complications that may arise due to vague testing results which can only determine if there is marijuana in someone’s system, not whether they are currently impaired.

Weddell says some employers do not have a problem with their employees’ using marijuana recreationally on weekends so long as it does not affect their job performances, while “others may want to be strict about it because of strong safety concerns.” She explains contractors may test and reject non-medical applicants in many cases. Contractors may even have different standards for field employees and for office employees, so long as they apply the same standards within those classifications. Because the laws vary so much by state, contractors should consult a local attorney.

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