Michael Warren on CPUC’s Order on Uber and Lyft Drivers

In the article “Uber Slammed – From California to Canada“ for Lawyers & Settlements, partner Michael Warren comments on the recent order of the California Public Utilities Commission declaring that transportation network company drivers (such as Uber and Lyft drivers) are presumed to be employees.  What is the CPUC’s interest?  Michael explains the “CPUC has regulatory oversight over certain utilities and public safety, such as passenger carriers like limos.”

Michael goes on to explain that the CPUC views AB 5 as the law of the land in California.  He says, “…everything is in flux, but meanwhile drivers may be deemed to be employees. And will be employees until a higher court –the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, or the People of the State of California—say otherwise.”

Going forward, this will be a “large political chess game with high stakes,” according to Michael.

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