Insurance Settlement for Grieving Family after Loss of Wife/Mother

Investigations, Conflict Resolution

McManis Faulkner obtained a seven figure settlement for a family after the tragic loss of their wife and mother.  This settlement represents not only the conclusion of contentious litigation with multiple insurance carriers but also provided much needed closure for the family after years of uncertainty.

This case litigated the liability surrounding an automobile versus bicycle accident that resulted in the untimely death of decedent, 52, wife, and mother of two daughters.  The automobile driver was underinsured and her insurance company would offer only a small sum to the family for their loss—not even enough to cover the family’s burial expenses.  Through extensive research and investigation by the attorneys and staff at McManis Faulkner, facts in the case uncovered a substantial insurance policy held by a local commercial business where the driver was an employee.  Since, on the morning of the accident, the driver was actually working - she was on her way to coordinate with other workers for the business - our team found that the business was therefore liable for the accident as well.

After three years of demanding payment from the insurance carriers (both the driver’s insurance and the business-employer’s insurance), defeating summary judgment and bifurcation motions, and providing persuasive arguments as to the business-employer’s vicarious liability in this matter, McManis Faulkner successfully negotiated a global settlement with the all defendants.