Prescription Drug DUI Dismissed on the Day of Trial


Like many people in the San Francisco Bay Area, our client took his prescribed sleeping pill prior to going to bed and his prescribed anti-anxiety pill upon waking up. En route to run errands in San Mateo County, the wheels on our client’s car locked up as he exited a major freeway. Unable to steer, our client popped up on a curb, blew out his tires, and landed in a bush. No one was injured and nothing was damaged except his ego and his vehicle. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrived on scene and immediately began a DUI (driving under the influence) investigation. Despite the absence of any alcohol in his blood and the presence of a very low level of his prescribed drugs, the District Attorney filed charges of driving under the influence and proceeded to trial. Our attorneys remained steadfast in the face of increasing pressure to plea bargain. In preparation for trial, McManis Faulkner attorneys turned the government’s expert witness into a defense expert. Upon learning of its own expert’s opinion, the District Attorney dismissed all charges against our client.