Confidential Settlement for Client in Wrongful Death Suit

Plaintiff, Litigation

An oral surgeon working with a highly addictive controlled narcotic, Fentanyl, performed patient surgeries at the offices of a dental practice management service company. The company ordered the Fentanyl for the doctor and took the responsibility of handing the narcotic in its offices. Unfortunately, the company did not take reasonable steps to track the narcotics, which inevitably resulted in employees’ ability to divert these substances for their own use. The doctor began diverting Fentanyl and became addicted. McManis Faulkner argued that had the company taken proper measures to track the narcotic, it would have either prevented the doctor’s diversion or it would have been discovered and he would have been required to enter an in-patient treatment program. The doctor overdosed on Fentanyl at the company’s dental offices. He slipped into an irreversible coma because of the overdose and died at the age of 37. Representing the doctor’s wife, McManis Faulkner filed a wrongful death action. After successfully defeating the company’s motion for summary judgment, McManis Faulkner obtained a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of client.