Family Law Team Featured in Daily Journal Article

McManis Faulkner’s award-winning Family Law team was featured in the Daily Journal article “Quarantine presents new complications for family lawyers,” with partners Jim McManis and Brandon Rose offering a detailed perspective on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family law. Jim explains that there could be an influx of married couples seeking a divorce before the pandemic ends, noting by way of example that there is usually an upswing of cases in January after the holiday season.

Brandon goes on to discuss the impact of the pandemic on custody sharing, explaining that some divorced parents are afraid to drop off their children at an ex-spouse’s home for fear of infection, and some are accusing the ex-spouse of not following shelter-in-place orders.

Despite the tension between some parents however, Brandon notes there have been a few positives as well:  “It has made parents look at the problem more collaboratively, rather than as adversaries.”

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