Santa Clara County Legal Professionals Meeting “Social Media New Year’s Resolutions”

Encouraging others in your profession, learning from thought leaders, and self-promoting has never been so easy. Did you know your LinkedIn profile is often one of the top three search results on Google? The New Year is a perfect time to create or improve your LinkedIn profile or other social media platforms to reflect the best possible you. Let’s make you one of the 20% who achieves their New Year’s resolution with an easy social media goal. With just a few clicks a week, social media will connect you professionally and on a personal level. And your company/firm won’t mind a little extra positive PR you will provide with a simple ‘Like,’ ‘Share,’ or Connection. Join Vanessa Hill and Amanda Peth for tips and tricks and the “why” behind them on January 14, 2020 at the Santa Clara County Legal Professional Association January meeting.

Please use the following link to register: https://www.sccolpa.org/events/