James McManis, Ibrahim Case Featured in Epilogue of Albert Charles Bender’s Book

James McManis is mentioned in the epilogue of Albert Charles Bender’s book, The Prosecution Never Rests: Strange but True Stories of Courtroom Drama. The epilogue documents the firm’s involvement and recent Ninth Circuit victory in the case of Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim, explaining the government’s overzealous prosecution of Dr. Ibrahim and the firm’s role in successfully challenging it. Bender says he is “delighted that this area of government overreach can now be subject to appropriate challenge and review.”

Bender goes on to congratulate McManis and say if there were more attorneys like McManis and the firm, there would be a greater level of justice in our society. A retired prosecutor, Bender’s book details true stories from the courtroom, including a prior homicide trial with McManis, whom Bender claims he “beat up.” See Chapter 31. McManis comments, “I thought my client’s strangling his girlfriend had something to do with it.”