Conflict Resolution

Our solutions-oriented approach is distinguished by thoughtful, strategic advocacy. 

McManis Faulkner’s litigation offerings are supplemented by a substantive conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice. 

Ours is a solutions-oriented approach, distinguished by thoughtful, strategic advocacy that expedites resolutions outside the courtroom, and sometimes prior to filing.  Below are our areas of practice, which are more fully described in their individual descriptions. 

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  • Negotiations & Crisis Management

    An area that often demands discretion and heightened sensitivity, negotiations and damage control matters can range from an embarrassing employment issue that threatens internal morale and external branding to a bitter custody battle that could sink a promising career. 

    When the fallout from a case filing – or discovery and trial – has the potential to damage individuals or businesses, McManis Faulkner’s ability to work behind the scenes to achieve swift resolution is unmatchable. 

    Our skilled negotiators clearly see the big picture in highly delicate and complex matters, often before they reach the press or public court dockets. This ability has saved millions in reputation equity, shareholder value and litigation expense. Emotionally charged and deep-seated disputes are diffused and professionally detrimental or personally embarrassing situations are managed quietly, often before word gets out.

  • Assisting as Neutrals

    In many cases, the firm’s lawyers are asked to assist other law firms and their clients, serving as discovery referee, early neutral evaluator, private settlement judge, or mediator and arbitrator. 

    At McManis Faulkner, we have a wealth of experience in dispute resolution by alternative means, acquired from more than 30 years of successfully bringing parties to the table in a variety of cases. Our skills and acumen have earned the respect and trust of our peers and judges, which has resulted into numerous referrals to the firm. With senior partners as mentors, other firm attorneys have become well-schooled in the practice of ADR. And, as evidence of the respect the bench accords, McManis Faulkner partners are frequently asked to serve as judges pro tem at mandatory settlement conferences, held before trial.

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution

    In this age of crowded court calendars, where the expense and delay of litigation has become burdensome, clients have become increasingly interested in other, more expedient ways of resolving their disputes. 

    McManis Faulkner lawyers bring a robust track record to alternative forums. We employ the same trial skills that have succeeded in the courtroom to ADR proceedings, serving as effective advocates, no matter what the venue for decision making. At the same time, effective advocacy requires careful preparation, artful examination of witnesses and presentation of expert testimony, and persuasive briefing. These are skills in which our attorneys excel. So whether a client’s arbitration involves a complex commercial dispute, the dissolution of a professional partnership, or a contested divorce with significant assets or a child’s welfare at stake, our attorneys have the experience and proficiency to bring the matter to a successful close.