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Marwa Elzankaly

6 Key Things to Consider When Leasing Commercial Property

Leasing commercial space differs from renting a home. Whether you need office, retail, or industrial buildings for your business, commercial properties have their own unique issues, which must be addressed early on. A proper lease ensures you are able to run and grow your business effectively without unreasonable restrictions or interruptions from... More +

Sarah Waymire

Essential Tips for Improving Time Management in 2020

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose.” - Thomas Edison Certainly a bright notion from Edison, but how can you untangle intersecting work demands and use your time wisely? The demanding practice of litigation often leaves attorneys, paralegals, and administrators... More +

Michael Warren, Hilary Weddell

California Employment Law Update for 2020

The California Legislature enacted a number of new laws for 2020 that will affect California businesses.  Below we discuss a few of the most notable employment laws that go into effect in the New Year.  Companies with a workforce in California should be sure to review and update their policies and procedures to ensure they comply with the... More +

Amy Sines, Nicole Zendejas

Looking for a Lawyer? What to Expect - The Introductory Call

Finding the right lawyer may be an overwhelming task; Silicon Valley is saturated with attorneys and law firms, varying in both expertise and size.  Your initial form of contact with prospective firms will likely be over the telephone and, depending on the size of the firm, you may be directed to speak with a member of the intake team who will... More +

McManis Faulkner

Is California’s McGill Rule Still Good Law?

“California’s McGill Rule Not Preempted by the Federal Arbitration Act, says Ninth Circuit.”   On June 28, 2019, the Ninth Circuit held in three separate cases that the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) does not preempt the California Supreme Court’s holding in McGill v. Citibank, N.A., 2 Cal.5th 945 (2017)... More +

Nicole Zendejas

E-Discovery: The Lifecycle of Data

E-discovery is an important aspect of litigation. Well-established data gathering protocols and workflow procedures pertaining to electronic data are important.  Meticulous record-keeping, workflow procedures, and processes help ensure that data is gathered lawfully, loaded and stored in an organized manner, and archived or deleted... More +

Maya Younes

Can Family Court Order You Not To Post On Facebook?

Are you among the 68% of U.S. adults who, according to the Pew Research Center, use Facebook?  Social media can do more harm than good, especially if you are involved in a legal dispute, family-related or otherwise.  Posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and text messages, may affect child custody claims, property division, and other... More +

Hilary Weddell

The Blunt Truth About Testing Employees For Marijuana in California

Despite the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in California, employers maintain the right to enforce a drug-free work environment.  In many respects, cannabis is now treated like alcohol; although consumption of alcohol is legal for those over the age of 21, employers may prohibit drinking during work hours and discipline... More +

Vanessa Hill

Lessons Learned From My Dad

Father’s Day is this weekend. I got to thinking about my Dad’s life lessons for me growing up, and how they have affected the way I behave in the business world today. I am a grown-up now, with a daughter of my own, and I try to teach her lessons that Dad and Mom taught me – basic lessons such as, say please and thank you, be... More +

Hilary Weddell

Department of Labor Proposes Joint Employer Rule

Employers have been seeking clarity on joint employer laws for years.  On April 1, the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) entered the fray, announcing a proposed rule that would update and amend the joint employment regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which has not been revised in more than 60 years.  The rules impact... More +

Michael Reedy

Why Ratcheting Up Emotions Serves No One In A Divorce

Most divorces are difficult and emotionally draining.  The legal term for divorce is “dissolution;” your marital relationship is dissolved. Divorce marks the end of a relationship, the death of something that began with love and commitment.  Most people expect, or hope, their marriage will last a lifetime.  If the... More +

Marwa Elzankaly

The Appellate Oral Argument

The Appellate Court:  An exciting forum of oral advocacy; a check on the process and the decisions of our trial courts; a second chance for parties to make their case; and a place where novel and important legal principles are decided to ensure a balance of fairness and equality in the law.  If you are a trial lawyer and have both tried... More +

Michael Warren

2019 California Employment Law Update: The Year Of #MeToo

As predicted at our 2018 employment law seminar, “Don’t Let #MeToo Become #YouToo: Effectively Handling Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints,” the movement had a significant impact on California’s new employment laws passed for 2019.  A number of the new laws address the issue of workplace sexual harassment and more... More +

Amanda Peth

Countdown to New Year’s: A LinkedIn Checklist

It has been quite a year!  Before you start planning for 2019, give yourself some time to look back on all that you have done this year and make sure it is reflected on your LinkedIn profile.  After all, when someone googles your name, your LinkedIn profile often appears in the top 3 search results.  Here are some things to keep in... More +